Proceedings of PerGames 2005 -

held on 11.05.2005 at
3rd International Conference on Pervasive Computing - PERVASIVE 2005 -


Carsten Magerkurth
Fraunhofer Integrated Publication and Information Systems Institute (IPSI), Darmstadt, Germany

Adrian David Cheok
Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Trond Nilsen
Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HIT Lab NZ), New Zealand

Regan Mandryk
School of Computing Science. Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC, Canada


With the emergence of ubiquitous and pervasive computing technology, we are facing a radical paradigm shift in computer entertainment. In recent years, the immersiveness of gaming experiences had to be created and conveyed through keyboard and screen alone. Now, the computer as a medium steps back and weaves itself into the fabric of our physical and social environments creating potentially richer experiences. For entertainment and gaming, this holds the chance of reclaiming social and physical aspects to create new and revolutionary forms of play that bridge the gap between the real world and virtual entertainment.

With this workshop researchers gathered who are interested in interactive entertainment and the chances and risks that pervasive computing might add to it. We discussed results from this emerging field and shared our experiences and visions to identify relevant research questions and future research directions.

PerGames 2005 builds on the foundation of PerGames 2004, held at the Pervasive Conference in Vienna, to have a look at last year's papers and presentations, please click here.

Accepted Papers and Presentations

AirKanoid – Visual Presentation vs. Physical Proximity in Mixed Reality Entertainment Applications
Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath, Martin Faust, Hartmut Rosch
Albert In Africa: Online Role-playing and Lessons From Improvisational Theatre
Ken Newman
ARPushPush: Augmented Reality Game in Indoor Environment
Kiyoung Kim, Minkyung Lee, Youngmin Park, Woontack Woo, Jongweon Lee
Enhancing Board Games with Electronics
Daniel Eriksson, Johan Peitz, Staffan Björk
Atomic Actions – Molecular Experience: Theory of Pervasive Gaming
Bo Kampmann Walther
Vision-Based Interaction – A First Glance at Playing MR Games in the Real-World Around Us
Volker Paelke, Christian Reimann
Stimulating Massively Multiplayer Cooperation with Co-located Game Concepts
Laura Dietz
Gaming on the Edge: Using Seams in Pervasive Games
Matthew Chalmers, Louise Barkhuus, Marek Bell, Barry Brown, Malcolm Hall, Scott Sherwood & Paul Tennent
TARBoard: Tangible Augmented Reality System for Table-top Game Environment
Wonwoo Lee, Woontack Woo, Jongweon Lee
The Drop: Pragmatic Problems in the Design of a Compelling, Pervasive Game
Ian Smith, Sunny Consolvo, Anthony LaMarca
Spacerace – A Location Based game for mobile phones using Assisted GPS
Stephan A. Drab, Gerald Binder
TeamTags: Domination – An AGPS game for mobile phones
Andreas Ritzberger, Stephan A. Drab
Playing with the Real World
Paul Holleis, Matthias Kranz, Anneke Winter, Albrecht Schmidt
StoryToy - the Interactive Storytelling Toy
Willem Fontijn , Philip Mendels
Designing Cross Media Games
Irma Lindt et al.
Tankwar - Tabletop war gaming in augmented reality
Trond Nilsen , Julian Looser
ARPushPush: Augmented Reality Game in Indoor Environment
Kiyoung Kim, Minkyung Lee, Youngmin Park, Woontack Woo, Jongweon Lee

Sports over a Distance
Florian 'Floyd' Müller

Eco pods: tangible User interfaces for early learning of thinking Systems
Erez Kikin-Gil

Games sensing environmental data
Myriel Milicevic

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