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8-13 May 2005, Munich, Germany
The 3rd International Conference on Pervasive Computing

Research Demonstrations

Accepted Research Demonstrations

[PDF] Thermal-ID: A Personal Identification Method Using Body Temperature
Itaru Kitahara, Masami Ito, Haruo Noma, Kiyoshi Kogure, Norihiro Hagita (ATR, Japan)

The Invisible Train - A Collaborative Handheld Augmented Reality Game   [Google search, SpringerLink]
Daniel Wagner, Thomas Pintaric, Dieter Schmalstieg (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)

The light wall: Using tangible User interfaces in early learning of Systems thinking
Erez Kikin-Gil (Interaction-ivrea, Italy)

[PDF] The Ubisense Smart Space Platform
Stephan Gschwind (Ubisense Ltd., Germany), Pete Steggles (Ubisense Ltd., United Kingdom)

[PDF] Body Sensor Network A Wireless Sensor Platform for Pervasive Healthcare Monitoring
Benny Lo, Surapa Thiemjarus, Rachel King, Guangzhong Yang (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)

[PDF] Ubiquitous Networking Server
Masugi Inoue, Mikio Hasegawa, Nobuo Ryoki, Hiroyuki Morikawa (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan)

[PDF] RFID Tag Reader System Emulator to Support Touching, Pointing and Scanning
Timo Tuomisto, Pasi Välkkynen, Arto Ylisaukko-oja (VTT, Finland)

[PDF] Association Management between Everyday Objects and Personal Devices for Passengers in Urban Areas
Hirobumi Shimizu, Osamu Hanzawa, Ken'ichiro Kanehana, Hiroki Saito (Tokyo Denki University, Japan), Niwat Thepvilojanapong, Kaoru Sezaki (University of Tokyo, Japan), Yoshito Tobe (Tokyo Denki University, Japan)

[PDF] mPATH View: An Interactive Behavior History Viewer for Enhancing Communication
Masaki Ito, Yuu Furuichi, Jin Nakazawa, Hideyuki Tokuda (Keio University, Japan)

[PDF] A Stochastic Approach for Creating Dynamic Context-aware Services in Smart Home Environment
Hua Si, Yoshihiro Kawahara, Hiroyuki Morikawa, T. Aoyama (University of Tokyo, Japan)

[PDF] From Imaging Networks to Behavior Profiling: Ubiquitous Sensing for Managed Homecare of The Elderly
Benny Lo, Jeffrey Wang, Guangzhong Yang (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)

[PDF] PECo: 3D-based Interaction with a UPnP Meeting Room
Ali A. Nazari Shirehjini

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Call for Research Demonstrations

Submission Deadline: February 1st 2005

With the category of Research Demonstrations, PERVASIVE 2005 seeks interesting and engaging demonstrations of pervasive computing technologies. This offers a unique opportunity to showcase research prototypes and discuss them with an international audience of experts in pervasive computing

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Device, communication, and interaction technologies for pervasive computing
  • Pervasive sensing and perception, and location and context technologies
  • Software infrastructure for pervasive computing systems and environments
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of pervasive systems and applications
  • Pervasive computing user interfaces and user experience
  • Privacy, security and trust in pervasive computing

We encourage combining a research demonstration with a short paper describing the contribution and as an anchor point for future reference. Submissions must be in Adobe PDF format, conform to the Springer-Verlag LNCS style and up to 4 pages. On an additional page the authors should provide a brief sketch of the planned demonstration. All demo submissions will be handled using an electronic submission system. Please submit your demo paper at http://www.edas.info/home.cgi?c=4490.. Please select Demo as the submission track. In particular requirements concerning space, power, network, and security should be stated. It is planed that wireless internet access is provided.

Accepted contributions will be published in the adjunct proceedings of PERVASIVE 2005 which will be electronically available from the web-site. In a plenary session the demonstrations will be introduced. There will be a reception dedicated to the presentation of posters and demos.

Demo Chair

Thomas Strang
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Email: Thomas.Strang ätt dlr.de
Web: http://www.kn-s.dlr.de/People/Strang/